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We Deals With All Type Of Mineral Products

What We Are

EVOQUE Has Been Providing Special Information Services To The Mining And Minerals Sectors. EVOQUE Mining & Minerals Use Aerial Photogrammetry For Planning And Route Location At The Birth Of The Iron Ore Mining Industry In Our Country.


Our Team

The Company Has 3 Directors And no Reported Key Management Personnel.  The Directors Are Asmita Mehta, Puneet Mahajan And Gulshan Kumar. The Longest Serving Directors Currently On Board Are Asmita Mehta And Gulshan Kumar Who Were Appointed On 28 December, 2017. They Have Been On The Board For 2 Months. Asmita Mehta Has The Largest Number Of Other Directorships With A Seat At a Total Of 1 Companies. In Total, The Company Is Connected To Other Companies Through Its Directors.

Our Directors

DIN no.   08027102


DIN no. 08027102
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DIN no. 08027125.
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DIN no. 01039201.

Our Services

Minerals Extraction

Crushing And Separating Ore Into Valuable Substances  By Any Of a Variety Of Techniques. Beneficiation, Mineral Dressing, Mineral Processing, Ore Dressing, Ore Processing.

Construction Management

This Is a Professional Service That Uses Specialized, Project
Management Techniques To Oversee The Planning, Design, And Construction Of a Project, From Its Beginning To Its End. The Purpose Of CM Is To Control Project’s Time, Cost And Quality.

Sourcing / Procurement

Procurement Is The Entire Range And Process Of Activities From Sourcing, Purchasing, Acquisition And Also Includes Risk Management. Sourcing Is The Component Of The Procurement Process That Deals With Supplier Selection And Management.

Product Innovation

A Product Innovation Is The Introduction Of a Good Or Service That Is New Or Has Significantly Improved Characteristics Or Intended Uses.


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